Commercial District @ Satrio

The biggest challenge to architect team on this mixed use development project lies in the ideas to craft spaces into an aesthetic values that would eventually leverage the selling points of the highlydemanded property (within the Jakarta golden triangle. With the brief from client to design the area to be the landmark while “keeping the pride & heritage values”, architect team tried to approach the concept as traditional fan shape. It symbolizes the “spreading” character (means positive in business). Translating the approved concept, the fan is implemented throughout all elements, from the masterplan lay-outs, to the buildings façade-design. A very unique and distinct approach in comparison to other mixed use project. The office zones are putted into the front spaces, near the main boulevard in order to simplify the public access, aside from the early metaphor of the project glamourity. the p PORTFOLIO by indomegah rofiles masterplanning BOOK - 90 91 The mall’s commercial zones are spread from the mid-area (which become the transition zone) into the more private apartement buildings, located near the backside. During the primary zoning development, “green-zone” is very important to blend the communal area with the “go-green” ethics of healthier atmosphere that will assist the projects main aesthetics as well.