Located on one of the most strategic location in the heart of Jakarta, The Thamrin Skyline project is a total renovation from an existing 18-storeys office tower with shopping mall and grand cinema complex. By the fact of the increasing property’s value, owner felt the urge to renovate and remodel the old building into a mixed-use development to serve the future public needs. The architect team redesigned the old complex into a 50-storeys exclusive apartment, 21-storeys of 4-stars hotel, and 3 levels of shopping center without changing the existing structure. Our next redesign step is to cover the facade with organic-shaped aluminium composite panels, in order to strengthen the unique and modern character of the project. By adopting the concept of flexible clouds, matched with the horizontal lines in Thamrin Skyline figure, the similar organic design will be adapted throughout the space in the apartment and mall area. As a result, a modern and organic masterplan design will make this mixed-use development to be the next city landmark.