Green Apartment Lebak Bulus, a strata title vertical-living residences, is located in the very exclusive area of southern Jakarta. Two high-rise apartment towers and one condotel tower are being equipped with abundant facilities of cafes, club house which are placed together on a recreational lagoon pool. One element to make the apartment complex become special, compared to other surrounding buildings, is nothing else but the open-air public area of cafes & restaurants that connects all of the towers. A semi-outdoor cafe offers cozy environment for the residents to visit. Exposing the green concept ; "blends into nature", the residential is designed to be ‘naturally’ fun and unique. The Sky lounge provides comfortable ambience created by its shades. Basic geometric mass of playful dimension boxes with domination of vertical lines creates noticeable, distinctive & dynamic building elements. Additionally, the glass usage on the facade confirms Green Apartment Lebak Bulus to become a new modern icon.