President Shopping center is situated in the heart of Manado, the capital of North Sulawesi, Indonesia. Amidst its bustling development, the city of Manado is indeed an urban modern place to work and to live. The initial building function as shopping center is now completed with the addition of hotel building, situated on 4.806 sqm land which transformed into 16.331 sqm mid-rise building. Completing the 5 storeys trade mall’s facilities of modern markets, cinema and food courts, a 4 storeys hotel building with 113 studio rooms will be operating on top of the shopping center building. A perfect set up in the highly visible corner of major streets, President Shopping Center’s main geometric shapes is the domination of oblique line, especially for its facade. The building’s mass resembles from a stairs-like shape to the diagonal facade’s patterns. Every details are created to attract visitors into the lively environment. A concept to sparks “light and floating” feels to the hotel above the mall.