Popular for its bountiful nature, Kalimantan has grown into one of the country’s richest island. Having said that, consequences may come in many unbalanced growth and increased buying-power resulting in urban lifestyle changes. Along with the growing of the city, residential areas spreads to the vicinity of the city and beyond. Located only 13 km from the central district, Banua Eco City Commercial District has been predicted as the new face of Banjarmasin. Having the mixed use development concept, means combining the business function with the commercial as well as leisure aspects into a 13 Ha complete complex. The development process is staged into three main steps. The first step carry SOHO, some shop houses and F&B areas, with the theme of “Food Festival” expected to be the attraction to Banua Eco City’s early development. The second step of the development will bring up the main aspect, which would be the shopping mall, aimed to become the biggest in Banjarmasin with total area of 54.000 sqm. Within this stage, a new kind of entertainment park as the place of interest will suit many local families, along with Hypermarket, budget hotels and shop houses (2nd stage). As the last step, a 16 storeys Office Tower and Mini Office tower will be built beside the final installment of SOHO. All aspects during this grand stage is set clearly as the area’s main entrance, consisting the highest commercial values.