DD Group Tower


  • Year of construction 2013
  • client/owner DD Group
  • location Jakarta
  • project status SCHEMATIC DESIGN
  • structure enginner PT Susanto Ciptajaya
  • mechanical & electrical enginner PT Metakom Pranata
  • construction management -
  • contractor -
  • site area 2.577 sqm
  • gross floor area 8.509 sqm
  • building height 10 Storeys

building area
  • 5.168 sqm 64.2 %

  • parking area
    3.340 sqm 35.8 %
DD Group Tower represents new modern office looks, especially in Jakarta. Located in Pluit, DD Group Tower fills the northern Jakarta’s business needs with new style of architecture. the main concept, that's brought up to the building design is modern & dynamic office tower. Additionally, as a headquarter, the building needs to be easily reckon by the surrounding.

The arrangement of geometric shapes for the building mass and the combination of transparent materials and solid materials, resulting a very dynamic yet modern form and composition. Another highlight is the initiation plan of eco-friendly building system, by paying attention on the efficiency usage of water and energy.

Certain analysis, such as the sun’s daily direction becomes a strong base on designing the building’s mass orientation, especially for its facade. The aim to make the sunlight to be a natural lighting resource without transferring the heat.