In welcoming the Christmas of 2014, IM held a Christmas celebration on the 17th of December. This year's theme is "IM's Joyful Land". The theme is not only used during the main event, but also a few weeks prior to the event, our whole office was decorated to warm up and create a Merry Christmas euphoria. Different floors are decorated with differrent themes, such as "IM's WINTER JOYFUL LAND" for the 1st floor, "IM's SANTA FACTORYLAND" for the 2nd floor, "IM's CANDY LAND" for the 3rd and 4th floor. In addition, a photo booth is provided on each floors. All employees must participate by taking photos in each booth. They must also prepare a present which will be given to another employee secretly during Secret Santa session at the main event. The main event is opened by all employees watching a video about our gathering in Pangandaran the month before. Following the video was the Secret Santa session, and closed with us all having dinner together. Even Santa Claus himself appeared at our office! Again, the warmth and bliss of Christmas wraps around us, The Indomegah Family.


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