March 3, 2015 is the day that we waiting for. On that date we hold the launching of our new website address as : Along with the launch of new website, IM also held a celebration event and internal party at our own office. IM new website using HTML 5 technologies that are more compatible with smartphones and enables the better design and  more attractive. In this website, visitors can find information about the indomegah’s projects scattered throughout Indonesia, the profile of indomegah ranging from standing in 2001 until now, and loyal clients of indomegah; the majority are renowned developers like Summarecon group, DD group, Agung Podomoro, Lippo, etc. In this website we also put a picture of all the family IM who always serve clients and customers professionally. So that all visitors can always get the latest updates about the activities that we do, we have news tab which regularly informs the internal or external event that we do. Indomegah new website also links to various social media like instagram, twitter, facebook to provide information to people who are interested in the world of architecture. Last but not least, please stay support us to improve commercial building in Indonesia.


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