BCI Asia awards are an annual event organized by BCI Asia to give awards to the top 10 developers and the top 10 architects in Asean Country. On the eve of the award ceremony at the Fairmont hotel, Indomegah has become top 10 architects in Indonesia. Award as the top 10 architects received, indomegah is not the first time but have received awards for the eleventh time since from 2005 to 2015. On the eve of the award ceremony which was held on 26 may 2015, indomegah represented by Mr. Andre Hadipranoto as the party that received the award plaque. To further make this event more festive, all Indomegah family members  jointly replace social media profile picture on them with the BCI Asia Top 10 award. We all are very happy and proud to become part of Indomegah family.


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