11-25 JUNE 2020

Architect Indomegah launched a webinar (online seminar) series during the pandemic as an initiative to learn and share. Why do we make webinars? Because through this pandemic, suddenly our purpose became even more relevant to make the knowledge more accessible for everyone. This crisis has driven us to apply our expertise in new ways, using technology to help each other and society adapt. 

The webinar divided into 2 series, the first webinar titled “What’s next for architecture practical skill?” presented by Evan Tjahjadi (business partner of Architect Indomegah, Founder of DV Architect) and moderated by Dhia Khairunnisa. The first series aimed especially for those who just graduated from architecture school to expand their knowledge in terms of practical skill. The second webinar titled “New normal for commercial thinking and business model” presented by Henry Kusnadi (Founder of Architect Indomegah) and moderated by Vania Veeska. If the first series talked about preparation and expanding knowledge, then in this series we were talking about how the business model shifts and pivots. These two webinars attended more than 100 participants, includingn both professionals and students.