Based on Trade Mall categories and tenant completeness, below are brief reviews of examples of the three categories.
A. Metropolis Town Square

This trade mall is located in Kota Modern, Tangerang, established in 2005. This project is one of the successful trade mall projects in Tangerang. The size of this project is 79.632 sqm with 6 anchor tenants consisting of a department store, supermarket, bookstore, game center, food court, cinema, and 3 big tenants: restaurants, shops and banks, with other small shops, which make this project categorized as a complete trade mall.

This project is facilitated by parking areas and shophouses. The outlook of this trade mall is focused on facade management on the shophouses and application of eye-catching colors to the facade, making this mall considered as an interesting landmark to its surroundings. Also, surrounded by several access, from Modernland housing complex, making it a magnet for social activities as well as to fulfill the needs of the surrounding communities

B. Seasons City

This 146.454 sqm trade mall is located at Jalan Latumenten, West Jakarta. It was established in 2008 and one of the biggest trade mall projects. Categorized as a semi complete trade mall because it doesn’t include a bookstore as one of the main anchor tenants. Their magnets in this trade mall are the considerable amount of big tenants scattered on every level.

This intended to reflect the wide variations of items sold in the big shops within the trade mall. Placement of anchor tenants in this project is located on the ground floor and top floor, while in between are filled with shops and big tenants. This pattern shows that the positioning of anchor tenants was intended to attract visitors vertically, while big tenants in every level act as horizontal magnets to visitors on respective levels.


The strategic location of Season City is enhanced by apartment facility, making this project as one of the destinations for surrounding communities to fulfill their needs of basic supplies with affordable pieces within a comfortable environment as found in a mall.

C. ITC Kebon Kelapa

This 14.450 sqm trade mall is located in Bandung, established in 2003. This trade mall has a regular size, categorized as a trade mall without anchor tenant/trade center. Considering the needs of the surrounding communities, also the scope to be reached, this trade mall born with anchor tenants in the form of a food court and other several big tenants that comprise some restaurants and shops. The main achievement of this trade mall is a large number of small shops, which answer the needs of the surrounding communities at relatively affordable prices.


The large number of shops in this trade mall creates a high variety and amount of items according to the needs of its visitors. That is why this trade mall gives the impression of  a trade center but the only difference is the outlook and comfort features as those in a mall which makes the visitors willing to stay much longer within the building.