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Architect Indomegah, founded in 2001 by Henry Kusnadi,  is one of the well-respected architecture firms in Indonesia. Based in Jakarta, Architect Indomegah has produced a wide range of work, ranging from public buildings, commercial office buildings, residential and hospitality development, educational and institutional facilities, diverse mixed-use commercial developments, to urban master plan.

Architect Indomegah had a very brilliant start at the beginning of its journey, marked by the glorious success of Proyek Pusat Niaga Puri Agung Cengkareng and Mal Kelapa Gading Trade Center (Mal KTC) both in sales and their development projects. Soon after, Gapura Prima Group and Lippo Group have granted Indomegah with the biggest portion of their projects to date and played such important roles in the early successful years of Indomegah existence. 

Soon after, Indomegah gained many valuable trust from major developer groups such as Summarecon Group, Pakuwon Djati Group and Agung Podomoro Group. Indomegah has gained their trust and opportunity to be the architect of their high-valued and highly reputable projects. 

Another vital momentum of Indomegah Existence started on September 2, 2001 when they began their active processes of human resource development involving the senior architects as well as the whole staff, in Jl Batu Tulis no 22 - Central Jakarta. As time goes by and due to the ever increasing amount of projects, the numbers of people joining Indomegah increased to the total of 53 people in 2003. 

At that moment, Indomegah stated its existence as one of the respected Architectural Consultants in Indonesia’s property business. Indomegah offers integrated services to all clients which came from various markets through projects spreads in all over Indonesia. The Indomegah’s architect team comprises of people from various scientific backgrounds in order to be able to design various projects creatively, simply because a great design able to affect the overall quality of living and environment. Indomegah commitment’s central point is on creative problemsolving with the highest international standard, and innovativeness as the result of oriented approaches. 

The partnerships with its clients are built based on the values of mutual trust and respect in creating a single purpose of achieving goals through cooperative spirit. 

As designer, Indomegah possesses great opportunities, with great responsibilities to help shaping and creatinv the world to be a better place to live in.


Received ten consecutive Top Ten Architects Awards in Indonesia by BCI Asia

Since 2005, the BCI Asia Top Ten Awards has successfully placed itself among the most coveted awards for the Asian building and design industry. Held in seven different Asian territories; Hong Kong SAR, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam, the Top Ten Awards recognizes developer and architecture firms with the highest valued portfolio of projects during the last full calendar years.

This exclusive, by-invitation only event allows firms to position themselves with top stakeholders in the Asian Construction market, as well as providing an extensive networking platform for elite property developers, architecture firms, engineering consultants, manufacturers and service providers. From 2005-2014, Architect Indomegah successfully gained Top Ten Architects Awards in Indonesia by BCI Asia. It means for 10 consecutive years, Architect Indomegah has gained the reliable trust from developers and become one of the well-respected architecture firms in Indonesia. Receiving Top Ten Architects Awards in Indonesia have also proven that Indomegah is one of the most productive architectural firms in Indonesia.



BCI Acia Top 10 Award


Architect Indomegah provides a working environment that fulfills aspiration, enhances knowledge and skills, and continuously builds a culture of excellence. We are a professional organization that embodies a passion for producing excellent design and solutions. We believe that high-achieving professionals are motivated by: Ambition, clear expectations, explicit career paths, fair reward and recognition, inclusive culture, minimum bureaucracy, leaders who are professionally credible, a sense of the big picture, stimulating challenging work.



Founder and Principal Architect

Henry Kusnadi

Key People

• Willy Suardi
(Project Division Head)
• Sarnelly
( Supporting Division Head)
• Deliana Intan P
(HR & GA Department Head)
• Syarneti
(Finance & Acc Department Head)
• Henry Kusnadi
(Marketing Department Head)

Project Team

Noviar • Luthfi • Zulianto • Ibnu

News and Events



We are always looking for exceptional people to join our innovative team. There is a wide range of opportunities, in both design and design support fields. Our studio is made up of experienced professionals from a range of disciplines. If you are interested in working for full-time or as an intern, please submit your resume online.

Contact and Location

We'd love to hear from you and will respond as quickly as possible to all questions.

General Information: general@indomegah.com

Project Inquiries including RFQ/RFP and competition invitations, please contact: project@indomegah.com

Careers: hrd@indomegah.com

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Kompleks Daan Mogot Baru Blok LA 14 No 10-11 Cengkareng - Jakarta Barat 11840
T. +6221 540 1054
F. +6221 540 1042 (Project)
F. +6221 540 1013 (General)