Office @ Duta Indah Iconic

Duta Indah Iconic is a prominent office complex icon for Tangerang city, for its strategic location in front of Jakarta Merak toll-road as well as becoming the main entrance before Jl. MH Thamrin. The first develoment is a complex of 8 mini office buildings, that later will functioned as SOHO and F&B Center. Another important aspect to consider is the generous parking area, even inside the semi basement parking space. Aside from being iconic modern, the project is prepared as one integrated garden office with plenty of open spaces (ground floor) that are all connected and function as a magnet for visitors, tenants and users to facilitates and interacts. A rythmical approach for the building’s orientation was developed to creates “iconic” looks without “chaos”. The usage of cool colors (green and blue) on the glassdominated facades immediately creates the elegant-but not monotone looks.