Commercial District @ Mega Kuningan

Commercial Park at Mega Kuningan is a 37.900 sqm mixed use development project in central Jakarta. Devided into 3 lots, an embassy on lot A, joint venture office park located on lot B, and a combined rental-office, apartement, hotel (boutique and 3 stars), function hall & lifestyle mall on lot C. In addition to owner’s goal to make the project as Jakarta’s new icon, by owning the privilege of its prime location inside the city’s golden triangle, the architect came up with different concept development by maximizing the widht and height of the massive building. The integrated design for the mass will be a combination of 4 towers with 1 podium. The first tower are made of 57 floors apartement with 6 top floors utilized as a boutique hotel. A 60 floor office space for rent as the second tower, followed by the third tower with function as a jint venture (50 floor). A 7 storage lifestyle mall will accommodate the complex with shopping and F7B facilities. The concept of mass development is an approach of dancing water shape. The “flowing” movement along with the many dynamic growths surrounding Mega Kuningan area. The water analogy also projected in the patterns and materials selection, along with other architectural elements. The façade of tower are wrapped by steel-structures, forming to strengthen the geometric shape from the buildings; making this large mixed use development project aesthetic art work to Jakarta’s new masterpiece.