Built on two different foundations, the Commercial Lot Summarecon Bekasi project hold SB Junction (as food and beverages center) on the first area of more than 8,000 sqm, and a large, unique gas station as the continuation of its marketing gallery. The steep and narrow land shape, uniquely placed SB Junction on top, made border straight to the flyover, making it visible from the west-side, while a train station and other sides forced the location to be a very protocol triangle. A unique curvy spot that later derive the Leaf on the Water concept. The gas station’s modern top is a metaphor of a leaf, while the SB Junction’s shape itself intended to be flowing as dynamic as water drop to balance the speed from the train’s movement. A roof garden implemented on the SPBU’s building-top finishing emphasize the context of green concept. All in all, these very dynamic composition between the Marketing Gallery, The Flyover, SB Junction and the SPBU would become “The Symbolic Gate” upon entering Summarecon Bekasi as a modern city with commercial-based urban lifestyles.