Talkshow : ASEAN Economic Communities: Challenges and Opportunities for Indonesian Architects

On 19 March 2015, our leader, Dr. Ir. Henry kusnadi M.T., was invited to be a speaker at the JCC. Architecture Talkshow theme: "ASEAN Economic Communities: Challenges and Opportunities for Indonesian Architects" was organized by Megabuild Indonesia. Together with three other speakers that Reggy Widjaja (Principal Architect - Design Tetra Indonesia), Prof. Yandi Andri Yatmo, ST, Dip.Arh., M.Arch., PhD (Chair of the Department of Architecture, University of Indonesia), and Ir. Tateng K Djajasudarma, M.Arch, IAI, GP, AA (Director - Wiratman Architecture, Indonesia Monitoring Committee - Architect ASEAN), made the talk show more lively. In his presentation, henry kusnadi conveyed commercial thinking as the essence that became the basis of the indomegah’s services in working in commercial building design. Henry also thaught that the future design by research will be required to seek innovations in architecture. Finally, he also shared about the Asean Economic Community in 2015 which will have an effect also in the world of architecture where we have to be ready to compete and also cooperate with foreign parties to build a better Asean region.


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