A+ Design Group Members’ Conference 2017

Architect Indomegah Participated at the A+ Design Group First Annual Members Conference. The event took place on 14-16 November 2017 in Manila, Philippines, where the members of A+ Design Group share ideas, strategies and opportunities.

A+ Design Group is a network of experts in design, planning, and various specialized consulting services. Among the members are architecture firms, such as Aidea from Philippines, Architect Indomegah from Indonesia, and SVR Architects from Belgium, design and engineering firms such as Kolar and Meinhardt, and other consulting practices from various countries. The group's aim is to deliver an integrated and seamless experience to clients all over the world by using the members expertise combined with the use of latest design technology.

As a member of the group, Architect Indomegah contributes its extensive knowledge in commercial building design, acquired by conducting through research alongside the "commercial thinking" philosophy.

By becoming a member of the group, Architect Indomegah has taken a further step in reaching its vision to be a global architect firm.


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